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Shunyata Research's Hydra Triton v2
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Shunyata Research's Hydra Triton v2

Power Conditioners by Shunyata Research

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Hydra Triton v2 represents a major material and measurable advance of the pioneering concept that made the original Hydra Triton the most professionally and critically acclaimed product of its kind. Virtually all the parts — with the exception of its Patented Noise Isolation Chambers, have been updated within the Triton v2. These updates include the Zero-Point Power Distribution System (ZPP-DS) a custom manufactured all-copper buss system linking all outlets to a single point of electrical contact.  Internally, Shunyata’s new CCI (Component To Component Interference) noise filters are now applied to each outlet, preventing the spread of high-frequency noise between terminals. Triton v2’s now come equipped with external grounding terminals, capable of grounding any remote system component through the central Noise Isolation Chambers contained within each Triton v2. Finally, Shunyata has implemented its own CopperConn US outlet (US and Asia), culled from solid copper and formed to offer superior grip strength and connectivity (DTCD) compared to any standard or audiophile grade US model outlet.


The performance differences between the original Triton and the Triton v2 are extraordinary in terms of both sound and visuals.The superior DTCD and Noise Measurements can only hint at the dramatic increase in perceived background silence, improved dynamics and musical timing. The Triton v2 performs at a level that surprised even its designer, Caelin Gabriel. To those that know us, that should say it all.


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