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Shunyata Research's Hydra-Alpha Model 2
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Shunyata Research's Hydra-Alpha Model 2

Power Conditioners by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

The Hydra-α Model-2 incorporates the core MPDA (Multi-Phase Differential Array Filter) technologies from the Hydra Triton and Talos to deliver exceptional high-current performance to a wide variety of studio, home media and entertainment systems. Any system; whether a modest two component system or a massive studio or home theater set up can benefit from the Hydra-α Model-2's modest size and flexible placement capability. Hydra-α Model-2 was designed using Shunyata Research's DTCD measurement analysis to insure that it offers the finest high-current capable performance in the industry.

Application Suggestions
The Hydra-α Model-2 was designed to benefit ultra-high current amplifiers, projectors, flat screen video, sensitive source electronics and two component systems of any type. For those with multiple dedicated lines, the Hydra-α Model-2 can be used to filter noise on second or third circuits that have remote electronics such as projectors or amplifiers, subwoofers, analog or digital electronics. From the simplest two-component system to the most expensive and complex, the Hydra-α Model-2 was designed to deliver high-current capable performance without the noise and interference common in most home-entertaiment environments.

Note: The Hydra-α Model-2 is a pure performance device, it does not provide surge protection.

Special now includes 5 ft Shunyata Research Venom HC power cord

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