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Hydra 8 v2 (Condition: Very Good)
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Hydra 8 v2 (Condition: Very Good)

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Manufacturer's Description:

During its six year production life, the original Hydra Model-8 became the most critically and professionally acclaimed product of its kind. Endorsements from the forefront of the film and recording industries, and from the finest electronics and speaker manufactures gave the Hydra Model-8 power distributor a peerless reputation for performance. The Hydras unprecedented success has naturally resulted in many copy attempts to and cheap imitations. Despite many grand attempts at forgery, Shunyata's investments in custom engineering and design innovation have kept the Hydra Model-8 and its reference line-mate, the Hydra V-Ray, at the top of their class.    
The Hydra Model-8 Version II incorporates a complete array of design refinements developed by scientist Caelin Gabriel that include upgrades to the filter networks, outlets, buss systems and a new series of ZrCa-2000 compounds. The performance differences in the clear resolution of sound and visuals, even compared to the most recent Hydra Model-8 models, are striking and irrefutable. The dramatic performance improvements can be realized in any application and within any film, sound or recording system.

The Hydra Model-8 Version II's Trident Defense System provides noise-reduction with Shunyata’s best multi-element filter array. These proprietary filters protect and isolate each duplex outlet as independent power-sources -- without current limiting or manipulation. The Model-8 Version II’s inner chamber houses the renowned, proprietary ZrCa-2000 compounds, which are directly coupled to its massive copper-buss system, enhancing its noise-reducing capability.

Statement-making surge and spike protection is passively implemented and totals a line-popping 40,000-amps of peak current protection. Enormous over-current protection is provided in the form of Carling’s best hydraulic electromagnetic breaker, which protects without compromising performance. Common to all Hydra models is the Model-8 Version II’s 20-amp inlet connector, allowing each system and budget to dictate which of the seven PowerSnakes power cords will be ideal in a given application.

The Hydra Model-8 Version II combines high-current capability with Shunyata’s passive form of noise reduction and system protection to offer the perfect all-in-one power-distribution solution. All four of the Model-8 Version II's SR-Z1 outlets are isolated with their own buss structure and passively filtered, allowing each duplex to be interchangeably utilized for either high-current electronics or noise-sensitive digital equipment.

The Hydra Model-8 Version II's 20amp capability and 8 outlets will accommodate most entire systems on a single AC line. The Hydra Model-8 Version II can be used in conjunction with other Hydra's if there are multiple dedicated lines available. This allows for the complete isolation of high-current and low current electronics on separate lines, while still benefiting from the performance and protection that all Hydra's deliver.

Hydra series products have accumulated awards such as Stereophile Recommended Component, Stereophile Accessory of the Year (runner-up),  Product Of The Year (HiFi+), SoundStage! Reviewers' Choice (2001 and 2003) and SoundStage! Innovation In Design Award, as well as StereoTimes Most Wanted Component and Publishers Choice Awards.

Unqualified praise has also come from Michael Fremer and Paul Bolin at Stereophile and the Hydra-8 and Model-2 were recently recognized by inclusion in Stereophiles’ Recommended Components section and issue. Countless magazine reviews from across the globe do nothing but add to the Hydra's accomplishments. Praise and awards such as these give most products all they need to succeed, but Hydra's have done much more. Professional endorsements from top recording studios such as Sony Music Mastering (New York), SkyWalker Ranch (Lucas Films), Philips Crest National (US top SACD plant), Astoria Studio (David Gilmour) and renowned recording engineers such as Andy Jackson, Peter McGrath, Ken Takashi, and have verified the Hydra's ability to succeed in all types of systems, large or small.

Condition: Very Good - All original packaging.  Does not include an AC cable; 20amp IEC on cable required.

Original Retail Price: $2995.00


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