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Shunyata Research's Hydra 4 v2
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Shunyata Research's Hydra 4 v2

Power Conditioners by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

• 4 Shunyata Venom Silver outlets
• “Trident Defense System”
• 2400 watts @ 20 amps continuous
• Surge protection (20,000A)
• Individually filtered outlets
• 7 element Venom Noise Filter
• Solid silver buss bars
• Detachable 20A inlet
• All metal chassis
Hydra Model-4 incorporates two of Shunyata Research’s cryogenically treated Venom silver plated duplex outlets, increasing system utility and functionality over the model two. Shunyata Research adds yet another custom element to the Hydra Model-4 in the form of its silver/rhodium plated CDA 101 copper buss bars. This one-of-a-kind buss system elegantly replaces all point-to-point wiring, improving current linearity and performance. Shunyata Research’s Trident-Defense System makes its first appearance outside of the Hydra Model-8 with Shunyata’s own 7-element Venom filter.

This uniquely passive approach isolates each of the Model-4’s outlets from one another as well as eliminating system and line-borne noise. A massive current rating of 2400 watts @ 20-amps allows the Hydra Model-4 to match virtually any systems high-current demands without compromise. 20,000-amps of surge and spike protection offer peace of mind without compromising performance, and the specialized Carling Hydraulic electromagnetic breaker provides the last-line of defense with its massive over current protection. As its is with all Hydra models, the Model-4 is equipped with a 20 amp power-inlet that can accommodate any one of five PowerSnakes PaceSetter power cables. Performance goals and budget will dictate which PowerSnake is ideal for a specific system.

The Hydra Model-4 delivers virtually unlimited user flexibility by combining high-current capability with Shunyata’s passive form of noise reduction and system protection. Because the two silver-plated duplex outlets are isolated with their own buss structure and individually filtered, they can be interchangeably utilized for either high-current electronics or noise-sensitive digital equipment.

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