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Aural Symphonics's Hybrid v3 Biwire (Pair)
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Aural Symphonics's Hybrid v3 Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Aural Symphonics

Manufacturer's Description:

Legitimate bi-wire performance is achieved through intelligent design and correct cable circuit execution. Unfortunately, most bi-wire cable designs and terminations are simply not thoroughly thought out. Commonly used cable solutions are to either divide a single cables internal conductors in half, using half of the wires for the high-mid and half of the wire for the low, or the other most commonly used application if to use two of the same cables in parallel and joined together at the amplifier, as in one cable high-mid and one cable low. Neither methods of bi-wire cable termination focuses on the electrical and sonic limitations of using a singular cable that was originally designed for a singular connection and broad bandwidth audio frequency.

Hybrid v.3 is designed with an advanced circuit configuration providing a specifically designed cable network for bass / low frequencies one cable designed for the mid to high frequencies. The Hybrid v.3 stands out as a speaker cable design that correctly identifies a unique dual circuit architecture, and one that correctly identifies and addresses the complex issues of proper signal transfer from amplifier to bi-wired speaker. Hybrid v.3 is designed to enhance the amplifier's ability to control large diameter, low-frequency woofer drivers by improving the return electromotive force (EMF), thereby improving its damping characteristics. Hybrid v.3’s advancements are made of dedicated circuit construction, signal specific control and transfer, all providing the audiophile with the ultimate connection for bi-Wire.

The Hybrid v.3 is an established cable with a sophisticated formula for cable design. Hybrid v.3 internals form a complexity of conductors of varying types and diameters, each chosen for it's individual electrical merits, each contributing to the circuit performance as a whole. Hybrid v.3 cable is formed around a sophisticated circuit network of individual conductors and conductor groups. This advanced cable design is wound in a helical (cork screw) fashion allowing a precise configuration of the circuits inductive and capacitive measured values. Two types of conductors are used: stranded conductors are used as they allow an audibly uniform frequency response with precise bass fundamentals, and solid-core conductors are used as they enhance low frequency cohesiveness and mid to high frequency audible performance. Solid conductors also clean up the bass and mids allowing the upper frequencies to sound effortless and lifelike.

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Price: $2,596.00
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