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Stealth Audio's Hybrid MLT (Pair)
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Stealth Audio's Hybrid MLT (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

A flagship of our loudspeaker cable family, Hybrid MLT was our statement product for the year 2002.

Now, after several years in production, Hybrid MLT still represents our best to date efforts in no compromise loudspeaker cables design.


* solid silver and solid copper hybrid construction (no plating materials);
* heavy duty black outer jacket;
* separate inner braided jacket color code for positive and negative runs to each loudspeaker;
* integrated strain relief;
* over 1/2 inch overall diameter;
* 43-layer three-dimensional TCTA* multigauge matrix geometry;
* solid silver STEALTH proprietary spade lugs standard;
* optional Cryogenic treatment (special extended audiophile cycle);

A stereo set of Hybrid MLT consists of four separate cables: two go to the right speaker, and the other two go to the left; effective gauge of each of these cables is 10 - which makes it 7 AWG per speaker; these cables have almost nonexistent capacitance, low inductance and, most important, extremely low overall "Q" factor (very good resonant properties to prevents cables from "ringing" - i.e. emphasizing any particular frequency in the audio range and far beyond); double measures have been taken to contradict skin effect: for each individual conductive strand, and separately - for the entire cable. The conductive material is proprietary: matrix-braided UltraFine (the center strands are thinner than human hair - to eliminate time-domain distortion) individually Teflon® insulated strands of high purity silver, and then copper (going from the center of a cable to the outside). Extra layers of porous Teflon®, in combination with air in the center of the cable assure very low energy storage and therefore, the fastest possible propagation speed of an electrical signal along the cable; further, the cables feature our proprietary three-dimensional TCTA* multigauge matrix geometry (43 coaxial layers; three gauges of 99.997% pure silver and two gauges of OFC copper are used; all wires are individually insulated), making the signal "flow" uniform along and across the cable and assuring unsurpassed transparency, neutrality and resolution. Last, and certainly not least, Hybrid MLT are available with optional Cryogenic treatment (proprietary extended audiophile cycle - done on a custom basis, this requires approximately three weeks lead time) - adding the final touch in ultimate audio performance.


How does this Hybrid MLT sound compares to the STEALTH UR sound?

The UR sound like very good silver cables, but Hybrid MLT sounds like nothing, it is specifically designed not to have any sonic signature.

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