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Herbie's Audio Lab's Herbie's Donut
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Herbie's Audio Lab's Herbie's Donut

Analog Accessories by Herbie's Audio Lab

Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. Because these are already the lowest prices possible,  the additional incentives usually available under  "Frequent Flyer" program do not apply to this item.

Manufacturer's Description:

Firm elastomer "donut" is a great record/platter interface for VPI Classic, Raven AC, Verdier Platine, and other turntables that typically do not use a platter mat. Standard .81mm-thick mat has sufficient body/weight that it stays in position on the platter and records lift right off.

Herbie's Donut is also handy to use instead of awkward-to-use shims and to avoid adjusting VTA between records: just place on top of your present mat when you need a height boost for thin records, take it off for use with thick records.


    * Outside diameter: 280mm (11")
    * Inside diameter 108mm (4.25")
    * Thickness: .81mm (.032") or optional .5mm
    * Optional spindle washer allows use of record clamp

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Price: $32.95
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