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Heimdall (Pair)
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Heimdall (Pair)

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We are not offering new Nordost products for purchase at this time, however as a service to our customers we continue to offer most Nordost cables for in-home audition through the Cable Library.

Manufacturer's Description:

The HEIMDALL loudspeaker cable uses a heavier gauge of twenty four 24 AWG OFC with an extruded silver surface. This cable uses our proprietary state of the art “Micro Mono-Filament” technology which reduces insulation contact with the conductors by more than 80%. This means that current signals traveling above the surface of the conductor are virtually unimpeded by the insulation material. With an effective dielectric constant of 1.12 HEIMDALL loudspeaker cables transfer signals more efficiently and at extremely high speeds. You can easily hear this with fabulous transient detail, superb imaging and magical sonic performance. A full system wired with HEIMDALL offers tremendous performance and value for money.The AWG Installation Cables come in two versions, a 14 AWG two conductor cable called 14/2 and a 14 AWG four conductor cable called 14/4. Both cables were specifically developed for use in home theater in-wall installations.

Both cables consist of two or four nineteen stranded silver plated 99.9999% OFC conductors for maximum flexibility. Each conductor is specially annealed before it is extruded in FEP. The conductors are then twisted and insulated with a special flame retardant PVC Alloy.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc rates these cables as CL3P. This means that not only are these cables superb for home installations they can also be used in commercial installations such as hotels, office buildings etc.

CL3P denotes plenum rating. This means that the cable is safe for use in a plenum or building air duct. In the event of a fire the cable will not act as a fuse and transmit flame from one room to another. For commercial in-wall installations in North America insurance regulations and building codes mandate the use of CL3P cabling.

Due to its flexible design and low signal loss, it is ideal for running loudspeaker signals in multi-channel applications. Designed for ease of installation, it is an extremely durable cable and it will solve a multitude of installation problems.

The AWG Installation cable is designed to compliment the new range of cutting edge home cinema cable products from Nordost.

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