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Target's HS- Heavy Stand Speaker Stands (Pair)
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Target's HS- Heavy Stand Speaker Stands (Pair)

Racks and Stands by Target

Manufacturer's Description:


Dense flat packed (knock down) stands are final assembled by the end user, with the one simple tool we supply.

Thick, welded steel brackets and 10.9 hardened steel fasteners provide higher clamping force and greater rigidity.

Floor spikes and rubber feet are included, along with top spikes and pads.  Protects floors and speakers too.

High mass stands "couple" the speaker or equipment to the floor for their best possible performance and most accurate presentation of music.

HS - Heavy Stand

The single 3x3 inch square riser rigidly supports heavier speakers than our FS for very little additional cost. The riser has a larger cross section than the two round columns found on the FS and can be filled with additional mass loading material. Includes spikes and pads. Ships in pairs. Available in three variations which differ in height.




Total Height (without spikes): 20"

Weight: 14 lbs

Mass loading volume: 2.5L

Top Plate Thickness: 0.09"

Base Plate Thickness: 0.187"


Total Height (without spikes): 28"

Weight: 16 lbs

Mass loading volume: 3.5L

Top Plate Thickness: 0.09"

Base Plate Thickness: 0.187"


Total Height (without spikes): 24"

Weight: 15 lbs

Mass loading volume: 3.0L

Top Plate Thickness: 0.09

Base Plate Thickness: 0.187"

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Price: $279.00
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