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Wireworld Cable Technology's HDMI Repeater
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Wireworld Cable Technology's HDMI Repeater

Video: HDMI by Wireworld Cable Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

The Wireworld HDMI repeater (model #HDMIRPT) increases the distance that HDMI signals can be transmitted without degrading image quality.  It is easy to install, transparent in operation and it provides the leading edge in digital video transmission technology.

Installed at the end of a long run of HDMI cable, the HDMIRPT's proprietary circuitry receives, equalizes, amplifies, and re-transmits the HDMI signal into a second cable, which effectively doubles the previous transmission distances possible with no perceptible loss of image quality.  While it is compatible with all HDMI cables, the HDMIRPT provides ultra-clean 1080p video at lengths of up to 30 meters with Wireworld's proprietary flat HDMI cables.

The repeater's active circuitry is powered by the 5-volt power line within the HDMI cable itself, allowing for quick and clean installations.  The HDMIRPT is compatible with all HDTV resolutions up to and including 1080p and is completely compatible with all HDCP compliant devices.

* Doubles the length of digital video transmission capability for most cables
* Provides the lowest noise and highest resolution possible over long distances
* Self-powered active circuitry permits convenient in-line installations
* Works well with both HDMI and DVI equipped components
* Fully compatible with all HDCP compliant components
* Supports resolutions fo 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
* LED power and malfunction indicators
* Includes mounting bracket and hardware 

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