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Furutech's HDMI-N1
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Furutech's HDMI-N1

Video: HDMI by Furutech

Manufacturer's Description:

The FURUTECH HDMI Cable has successfully completed ATC Compliance testing at the HDMI Authorized Testing Center---Silicon Image.
Main conductor wire: Éø (Alpha) Silver plated É –OFC conductor for minimal transmission loss.
HDMI Connector: Éø (Alpha) non-magnetic 24k Gold-plated conductor with 24K Gold-plated non-magnetic Bronze Body.
Sheath: Flexible PVC (Violet).
Superior noise isolation 3 Layered Shielding.
Production Lengths:1.2M/2.5M/5M.

Éü (Alpha) conductor is the fine É –OFC conductor wire strands treated with the Éø (Alpha) process.

Electrical Specifications :
Å@(Category 2)

1. 100% open & short test
2. Conductor resistance: 2 Ohm (max.)
3. Insulation resistance: 50M Ohm/DC 300V. 3s(min.)
4. Differential mode Impedance : 100 ± 15 Ohm, assembly // 100 ± 10 Ohm, cable
5. Signal pairs attenuation : ÅÉ5 dB, 300KHz to 825MHz
ÅÉ12 dB,825MHz to2.475 GHz
ÅÉ20 dB, 2.475 GHz to 4.125 GHz
ÅÉ25 dB,4.125 GHz to 5.1 GHz
6. Intra pairs skew : ÅÉ111 psec
7. Inter pairs skew : ÅÉ1.78 nsec
8. TMD frequency Max. supported : 340 MHz

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