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Sennheiser's HD 438 Headphones
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Sennheiser's HD 438 Headphones

Headphone & Accessories by Sennheiser

Our pricing for this product is "MAP Pricing," which means the "minimum advertised price" permitted by the manufacturer. When calculating your final price we will compare the price with your "Frequent Flyer" ...pricing incentives included to the MAP price. Whichever is lower is the final price you will pay.

Manufacturer's Description:

Key Features
    •    Bass-driven acoustics
    •    Outer design inspired by custom wheels
    •    Choice of two detachable cables (home/to-go)
    •    Around-the-ear, cloth earpads provide extra comfort

General Description

For a styling cue that garnishes attention you can never go wrong with the HD 438. Inspired by custom wheels on today's hottest cars, these headphones come with a distinct styling as unique as you are. The 438 uses a soft, fabric ear cushion thats comfortable on any ear, for as long as you want to wear them. The acoustics are warm and full, with emphasis on low-end. What's more, the two detachable single-sided cables included in the package let you choose your preferred cable length (4.6 ft or 10 ft), making the HD 438 your preferred headphones for at home or on-the-go.

    •    Powerful neodymium magnets for an enhanced bass experience
    •    Closed, around-the-ear cups block outside noise
    •    Choice of two single-sided cables for flexible length and convenience (4.6 ft / 10 ft)
    •    Optimized for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
    •    Cloth earpads provide all-day listening comfort
    •    Built-tough with a 2 YEAR warranty!
*iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

Delivery Includes
    •    HD 438
    •    Detachable cables (4.6 ft and 10 ft)
    •    1/4 inch (6.3 mm) plug

Pricing Information

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