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Herbie's Audio Lab's HAL-O Jr.
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Herbie's Audio Lab's HAL-O Jr.

Accessories by Herbie's Audio Lab

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Manufacturer's Description:

A weak link in just about any component audio system are the links themselves! Some audiophiles try to overcome this weakness by "hotwiring" their interconnects directly to component circuit boards -- and still, microphonic distortion remains a problem.

Now, there is a solution. HAL-O JR. Damping Instruments fit snuggly over most interconnect plugs to neutralize microphonic vibrations. The JR. is a miniature version of the highly acclaimed HAL-O Damping Instrument, and has been proven to effectively reduce microphonic distortion in audio components.

Without the HAL-O JR. Damping Instrument, interconnects act as conveyors, transmitting microphonic vibrations from one component to another. Like a child's "telephone" made of tin cans interconnected by a wire or string, vibrations at one end are readily transmitted to the other, and vice versa. In most audio systems, interconnects also encounter airborne vibrations which are passed on to the components to create distortions in capacitors, tubes, digital processors and other sensitive electronics.

Today's audio electronics are better than ever, yet suffer distinctly from the influence of microphonic vibrations. To more fully realize the potential of your audio gear, place HAL-O JR. Damping Instruments on each end of your interconnects. Your ears will surely appreciate the subtle yet potentially significant improvement.

Fits most RCA, coaxial S/PDIF, I2S, DIN, and fiber optic interconnect plugs, cables and tonearms approximately 1/2" (11-15mm) in diameter. Now available with white Teflon or titanium ring (titanium ring is smaller, lighter, with compact isolation pads; perfect for limited-space applications).

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