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SteinMusic's H2b Harmonizer
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SteinMusic's H2b Harmonizer

Acoustic Treatments by SteinMusic

Manufacturer's Description:

As Part of the SteinMusic Harmonizer system, the H2B runs off of a wall wart style plug, or a 9 volt battery. It has an adjustable level, and the option to turn the blue LED on or off. The H2B Harmonizer is meant to work in conjunction with the H2A by being placed near the listening position, opposite the H2A Harmonizer. The H2B enhances the effectiveness of the H2A and is an integral part of the SteinMusic Harmonizer System. There are 3 Harmonizer room tuning packages. The Silver for smaller rooms, the Gold for medium sized rooms, and the Platinum for larger listening rooms. In-home auditions are available, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

The most important component in your audio system - the room
Most audiophiles will agree that the room plays a very important part in the overall performance of your audio system. But many of us, while spending tens of thousands of dollars on gear, tend to neglect properly treating the room that the gear is placed in. The SteinMusic Harmonizers are part of a room treatment system that attacks the problem of room acoustics in a rather unconventional way. In my opinion, they do not totally negate the need for conventional treatments, rather, they enhance certain postitive musical characteristics and work well with other types of acoustical treatments.

SteinMusic Harmonizers - Physical Description
The Steinmusic Harmonizers are 5 x 5 x 4 inch piano black cubes that are powered by a 9 volt battery or by the supplied wall wart power supply (the battery offers better performance and makes for easier positioning). on the back, there is a power switch, a switch to power on/off the blue LED on the front of the unit and an Intensity knob.

There are two types of Harmonizers, the H2A, and the H2B. Each serves its own purpose within the complete Harmonizer system.

The H2A and H2B are meant to work in conjunction with the SteinMusic Magic Stones or Diamonds (more powerful than the Stones) as a system. The Stones are passive devices, meant to be placed around the room to "resonate" or reinforce what the Harmonizers are doing.

What they do
The PDF Steinmusic manual for the Harmonizers describes their function as "elongating the air molecules" – i.e. "charging" the air in the listening room in a manner that facilitates the transmission of musical energy through the room. It seems to be suggesting that this charging of the air molecules means that when the speaker output enters the listening room space it does not have to overcome the inertia of uncharged/un-elongated air in the room.

Configuring the Harmonizer System
There are three basic options for configuring the Steinmusic Harmonizers. The listening room's size and the system's electronics and speakers may perform well with two Hamonizers (1 H2A and 1 H2B), known as the Silver Package. This is generally the case with small to medium rooms. For larger rooms, four Harmonizers (2 H2A and 2 H2B) may be necessary for optimal performance. This is our Platinum Package. Of course you can start with just one harmonizer, but we have offered substantial price breaks for ordering an entire system to make it easier for you to get the full effect as quickly as possible.

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