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Solid Steel's H-6 Partner
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Solid Steel's H-6 Partner

Racks and Stands by Solid Steel

Manufacturer's Description:

The H-6 is Solidsteel’s Horizontal 6-Series rack. One of the most attractive and functional A/V tables, the H-6 can easily accommodate six of your most sophisticated audio and video components. Sturdy enough for today’s largest television monitors and center channel speaker, the H-6 can support an entire home theater system. Like all Solidsteel 6-Series racks, the H-6 utilizes decoupled shelves and thick welded frames for superior build quality and audiophile (or videophile!) grade performance. The perfect compliment to the H-6 rack, the H-6 Partner table is the perfect add-on rack for your growing home theater system! A perfect match to the H-6 in height and cosmetics for those of you with more gear than any single rack can handle.

The audio rack is an integral part of any high performance system; to be chosen just as carefully as the components which ultimately grace its shelves. Solidsteel manufactures exceptional equipment racks, amplifier stands and speaker stands. They are built to exacting specifications and available in a wide variety of configurations. The perfect combination of effective isolation and sophisticated aesthetics, Solidsteel Audio Tables are designed to enhance the sonic performance of all of your components. Their individually isolated shelving system lends itself perfectly to analog; they make great turntable stands allowing your analog rig to perform at its best. We use them here, in our showroom, because they present equipment in the best possible light both sonically and visually.  Solidsteel's racks are beautifully hand-welded for rigidity and stability and are coated with either silver or black anti-resonance paint. Every shelf is individually isolated from the frame to protect your components from the negative effects of vibration. The dimensions of the racks and the shape of the cones are all chosen to maximize sonic performance. Every rack is equipped with adjustable leveling spikes and is fillable with lead, sand, or micro-bearing steel to further enhance their performance.

Overall dimensions - 22"x26"x19"
Shelf dimensions - (top) 23"x17" (other) 20"x17"
Space between shelves (top to bottom) - 8.5"x8.5"

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