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Herbie's Audio Lab's Grungebuster IsoBall (Single)
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Herbie's Audio Lab's Grungebuster IsoBall (Single)

Feet by Herbie's Audio Lab

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Manufacturer's Description:

Herbie's grungebuster IsoBall Ball is formulated just slightly softer than our standard grungebuster balls to achieve maximum turntable isolation performance and ultimate compatibility with parameters unique to stereo turntables. Mounted on a non-magnetic stainless steel base, a layer of Herbie's compliant Soft Fat material on the bottom helps absorb macro/footfall vibrations while remaining super-sensitive to acute micro-vibrations.
Stainless steel base grips the ball firmly; ball will not roll. The grungeubster IsoBall gets a good grip on the component; the component will not slide.

Because Herbie's grungebuster IsoBall is compliant (has a little "squish" to it), leveling is easily accomplished, if needed, by positioning of the footers; move one ore more as necessary to achieve a perfectly level turntable support.

Herbie's grungebuster IsoBall is a natural, translucent off-white, which blends aesthetically with any decor or color scheme. Stainless steel base is available in natural or semi-flat black.

IsoBall footers can be used as a set of three or four (four is recommended for superior lateral stability, placement versatility, and leveling ability).
Two versions available:
Softball: for turntable or other component weighing less than 25 pounds (11kg).

Hardball: for turntable or other component weighing 25 pounds or more, up to 150 pounds (68kg).

(Ideal weight-handling range of the two versions overlap somewhat. 25 lbs. is mid-point of overlapping capacities.)

Dimensions: 2" diameter (at base) x 1.5" tall. (50.8mm x 38mm).

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