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Synergistic Research's Grounding Block
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Synergistic Research's Grounding Block

Misc. Accessories by Synergistic Research

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Grounding Blocks come with a standard cable to connect with a wall outlet. Hi Def version also available. For connections to components you have a choice of Basic Ground cables or Hi Def Ground cables.



Manufacturer's Description:


Synergistic Research Grounding Block

Synergistic Research's Grounding Block was developed with many applications in mind and is the latest Synergistic Research product to feature our UEF Technology.

It’s not a secret that a solid “Star” ground dramatically reduces the noise floor of any system. The development of the Grounding Block was a natural step to further improve upon our already excellent Ground Plane technology, first developed for our Tranquility Base products.

Soon after the launch of Tranquility Base products, the Ground Plane technology was adapted in our PowerCell 10, Transporter Ultra SE, FEQ and last but not least in Atmosphere and Atmosphere Series Cables.

The primary, (but not the only), application for the new Grounding Block is to connect the built-in Ground planes of our new Atmosphere Series cables, which are featured in Atmosphere cables from level 2 and up to level 4 of Interconnects, as well as in level 2 to level 4 of speaker cables.

The Grounding Block includes:

4 each (4 ft) ground wires
2 each (8 ft) ground wires

That's enough ground wires to connect 2 sets of interconnects and one set of speaker cables to the Synergistic Research Grounding Block.

But wait…â?? there is more: The Grounding Block will likewise improve the overall performance of your system, simply by connecting the ground wires from the following products to the Synergistic Research Grounding Block:

Synergistic Research Atmosphere – Acoustic Field Generator
Synergistic Research FEQ – Frequency Equalizer
Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Products
Any Turntable Ground
Any Chassis Mount Ground

Optional ground wires are available with the following terminations:  Please contact us for pricing.

* Micro Banana to Regular Banana Plug
* Micro Banana to Regular Spade Lug
* Micro Banana to Bare Wire
Higher performance HD Ground Wires are also available with these terminations: 

* RCA to Grounding Block     
* BNC to Grounding Block
* XLR to Grounding Block
* USB to Grounding Block
* Ethernet to Grounding Block

* Spade to Grounding Block

* Banana to Grounding Block

The Synergistic Research Grounding Block is shipping NOW so make sure to place your opening order today and find out how LOW the noise floor of your system REALLY can get!

This is yet another amazing product featuring Synergistic Research UEF Technology.

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Price: $595.00
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