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AudioPrism's Ground Control with Spades (Pair)
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AudioPrism's Ground Control with Spades (Pair)

Misc. Accessories by AudioPrism

Manufacturer's Description:

The Audio Prism Ground Control provides a self-contained local ground storage mechanism for all of the electrostatic moments that occur in music being reproduced via a given circuit or component. Yeah, we didn't understand it either. In plain terms, the Ground Control creates a star-ground reference plane which stabilizes the electrical fields wherever it's placed, giving the connected component a greater grounding than the negative post of the loudspeaker, allowing the music to come together with astonishing time and phase accuracy.

The improvement is immediate; you’ll hear more air around instruments and voices. You’ll experience the natural decays of live music as your system finally starts to deliver levels of reproduction about which you always dreamed.

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