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GreyLitz (Pair)
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GreyLitz (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The "Litz" family of cables, phase and impedance corrected speaker cables, is a sophisticated Hi-Fi line designed and manufactured by our company. It's a unique cable available with a very special construction never used before by a high quality cable manufacturer. In our search for the best quality and value we have developed a line of cables which can bring much of the performance of the "Flex" series to more accessible price range. To achieve this we have used much of the "Flex" technology in a configuration which approaches the original.

    We adopt  for this product :
    1 - Five completely separated blocs of conductors  in Litz topology to avoid any intermodulation or magnetic distortion.
    2 - The hearth of "The GreyLitz" consists of four times 35 conductors, individually double insulated with a very unique enamel for a very low electrical discharge effect.
    3 - A modified CIMM-Enamel insulation to avoid any signal coloration or distorsion.
    4 -  A very new conductors topology and correction material making "The GreyLitz" the worldwide unique cable especialy designed for high and low efficiency loadspeakers.
    The listening results are :
    a - A transparency never obtained.
    b - Because this cable matches perfectly the amplifiers to the speakers, the micro-informations are presents, the bass are depth, dynamic and firm.
    c - A tone accuracy and neutrality and stage placing never obtained before.
    d -  A amazing cable for bass wiring.

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