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PS Audio's Good news and bad news on PS Audio Prices!
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PS Audio's Good news and bad news on PS Audio Prices!

Specials! by PS Audio

This special is no longer current and cannot be ordered.

Good news and bad news on PS Audio Prices.  Big increases coming in December, but old prices and a super Trade in Program available NOW!

Just in from PS Audio is that the prices for their Perfect Wave DAC  and Transport will each increase by $1000 to $3995 per piece on December 1, and the Power Plant P5  to and P10  AC Regenerators will also each increase by $500 to $3495 and $5495, respectively.  But there is still time to purchase at current pricing, and also PS Audio is making it even more attractive to make your move now by offering an excellent trade in/ trade up program for those of you having older PS Audio products.

Here are the trade in values (deduct from the current retail prices):

Product                        Product Credit                                   
Power Plant Premier:   $1000.00
P300/500                     $500.00
P1000/600                  $750.00
Quintet:                        $250.00
Duet:                             $150.00
Juice Bar:                      $150.00
DL3:                              $600.00
Credit can be applied to any of the following products/prices and you can even trade multiple items towards one piece gear:
Power Plant P5 (current price $2999.99)
Power Plant P10 (current price $4999.99)
PW DAC (current price $2999.99)
PW Transport (current price $2999.99)

But be quick because the new, higher pricing will apply for orders placed later than November 30 2011!

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