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Golden Strada #305 Nano 3
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Golden Strada #305 Nano 3

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Manufacturer's Description:
Cable terminated with OYAIDE connectors (Model: P-004/C-004)

This most important factor for High Grade Power Cable is to supply smoothly noiseless and enough power energy to the audio/visual components.  It is easy to say, but not easy to realize.  We applied our Nano-Chemical Technology for this subject.  Our Nano-sized (3.5~8nano meter dia.) gold and silver micro particles soaked on the high grade OFC act as the filler in the scratches on the OFC connector, which solves the noise which occurs when Electron (or wave of the power of energy) run on the surface of the conductors.

This new power cable has larger sectional area (5.522mm) than our former power cable (#301 Į) by 2.54 times of the #301 & 1.625 times of #302.  Which means it is easy to transmit or supply higher power energy instantly.  So, we will recommend to use this large power cable not only for large power amplifiers, but also CD/DVD/SACD/BD-Player & D/A converters & visual items, such as projector or LCE or Plasma display.

We also recommend this power cable for professional recording editing/mastering studio equipment, such as mixing concole, computerized recording & editing equipments, as much as visual monitors.

We believe you will be satisfied by the superiority of the sound visual quality improvement.

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