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Golden Strada #302 Nano 3 (Bulk)
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Golden Strada #302 Nano 3 (Bulk)

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Manufacturer's Description:

This newly developed power cable (G.S.#302nano3) is the upper version of our first power cable (#301).  We applied our latest nano technology of 3x's higer density colloidal liquid for this new power cable.  Also, we selected larger sized sectional area from #301's 2.177mi to 3.398mi for larger power transmission and for the Head-Room and Low Noise or Transparency.

This product is using the same process to apply our latest Colloidal liquid as the other (nano3) series, which covers the surface of the high quality OFC conductors, that helps the movement of jumping electrons from the original conductors to the other conductors, as much as minimize the Oxygenation or Sulphidation which is harmful for smooth transmission of high quality music signal.

We experienced that the gold particles have a tendency of making the sound more deep and heavy (may be by the Large or Heavy Atomic character) or rich.  On the other hand, silver particles have a tendency of making the sound more bright and brilliant.  So we decided to blend Gold & Silver at the rate of 80% & 20%.  We believe this ration is the Golden Ratio for this power cable.

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