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Golden Strada #301 (Bulk)
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Golden Strada #301 (Bulk)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Music Strada Series
Golden Strada #301: High Grade Power Cable

Nano-sized Gold Micro Particles are coating the surface of the OFC conductors, resulting in unforgettable sound and picture quality.

We at Nanotec Systems are developing High Grade unique audio/visual accessories with Nano-Chemical Technology.  Feb. 2006 we started to put our first speaker cable named Golden Strada #79 on the market.

This Golden Strada #301 power cable uses the same nano-sized (3.5-8nanometer) Gold Micro particles as #79 Speaker Cable or #201 Line Cable.  The nano-sized micro particles are disparted in High Grade Natural Oil evenly.

Gold Micro Particles Colloidal Liquid build a thin film between the conductors and the isolators, so, the conductors do not  contact with the isolators, directly.  The result is that the isolator's material effect can be minimized, as much as the oxidation or sulphasion, which are harmful and result in the harmful degradation of the sound or picture quality.  We believe our Colloidal Liquid filled cables can extend the cable life.

Gold Micro Particles fill the surface scratches of the conductors which may be made in the production process of the cables, resulting in smoother transmission of the power and will be realized inside the conductors too.

We think Micro Gold Particles' electron will move easier and quicker than the electron of conductors also results in better or quicker current of electricity.  

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