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Golden Strada #201 Nano 3
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Golden Strada #201 Nano 3

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Manufacturer's Description:

We, at Nanotec Systems, started to utilize our Nano-Chemical Technology on the Audio Visual Cables from 2006.  We put our first speaker cable named Golden Strada #79 on the market in Feb. 06.

The result was more than we expected.  This time we have improved the first Golden Strade #79 by High Density Gold + Silver Colloidal liquid.  This time the result was even greater.

The Gold + Silver Colloidal liquid consists of 90% Gold and 10% Silver, resulting in a rich bass, clear middle and sharp, natural high.

We estimate the colloidal Gold/Silver liquid acts as follows:
On the surface of the OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductors, there are many scratches which were made during the process of Dice Drawing to make the diameter of the conductors, thinner.  The conductors contact each other.  When the scratched conductors contact to the other conductor, there will be noise.

Our Colloidal Gold/Silver liquid smoothes the Friction Noise.  Gold or Silver Micro particles increase the number of the Electric Energy carrier, electron on the surface of the conductor.  The surface of the conductor is very important for High Frequency Wave Transmission.  On the other side, heavy pure metal particles fill in the trench on the conductor, and stays in place.

Colloidal liquid also covers the surface of the conductor, resulting to eliminated oxidation and sulphurizaion of the conductor, to make sure the cable life much longer.

Finally, the liquid acts as a damping material for cable vibration, eliminating harmful noise. 

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