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Cardas Audio's Golden Cross Biwire (Pair)
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Cardas Audio's Golden Cross Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Cardas Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Triwire available.  Please call for pricing.
Click to view Stereo pair version.

Golden Cross is our top of the line speaker cable. In its standard form it is suitable for any loudspeaker, it is internally bi and tri wireable. This is the reference standard for many speaker manufactures.

5.5 awg, Teflon/air dielectric "Golden section" constant "Q", enameled "multi-gauge" "crossfield" "litz" Conductors, Double Hex crossfield cabling urethane jacket.

Outside Diameter:    .600
Dielectric Type:    Teflon®, Air
Q Factor:    23.6
Inductance:    .0368 uh/ft/loop
Capacitance:    154 pf/ft
Bi Wire Option:    Yes
Tri Wire Option:    Yes
Discrete Conductors:    752
Cable AWG:    5.5
Conductor Type:    Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz

Golden Cross Termination Costs: No extra charge for any Spade, except 9 mm. No extra charge for Economy Banana Plugs and Maggy Pins.

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