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Wireworld Cable Technology's Gold Electra 5 (Squared)
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Wireworld Cable Technology's Gold Electra 5 (Squared)

Power Cables by Wireworld Cable Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

Wireworld power cords are designed to solve a completely different set of problems than audio and video cables. An ideal audio or video cable would pass the entire frequency range without alteration. However, an ideal power cord would pass only the 50Hz or 60Hz AC power, while blocking all other frequencies, to prevent power line noise and harmonics from degrading the sound and imaging quality of the system.

Wireworld power cords feature a unique geometric structure and composite insulation materials to maximize inductive and capacitive filtering, effectively absorbing power line noise and damping the electrical resonances that other cords and power conditioners cannot tame. Among the innovations in this design are low-impedance balanced shields, which are closely coupled to the conductors to cancel unwanted energy.

The previous generations of Wireworld power cords have received accolades for making consistent improvements in audio and video quality. The Series 52 power cords are even more effective and much more flexible than their predecessors, making dramatic improvements in the imaging, dynamic range and resolution of both audio and video components.

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