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Synergistic Research's Galileo Element Silver XLR (Pair)
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Synergistic Research's Galileo Element Silver XLR (Pair)

Interconnects by Synergistic Research

Prices listed are for the domestic US market only. Export prices and 230v prices are higher, and there are restrictions with respect to sales into certain international markets which have active distribution for Synergistic Research products.  Please discuss availability with your Cable Company representative before placing orders for SR products for export outside the United States.

Manufacturer's Description:

Galileo  Element- Silver:
Yet another trickle down technology from our  cost-no-object Galileo Research Program, these new interconnects are by  far our highest resolution interconnects after the Galileo System IC's.  Design details include a pure silver signal conductor suspended in an  Active Shielded Air Vacuum Dielectric and are terminated with Quantum  Tunneled XHADOW RCA's or XLR's- just like their big brother the 25k  
Galileo System IC. Comparing TESLA Precision Reference IC to the new  Galileo Element- Silver IC in the pre to power amplifier connection, the  Galileo Universal sounds more open with finesse, greatly improved  frequency extremes, in a more holographic soundscape. In fact when we  replace our TESLA Precision Reference IC with just one pair of Galileo  Element- Silver IC's between pre amp and power amp in our otherwise 100%  TESLA cabled factory reference system, sound staging expands  dramatically with delicate information and bass lines that before went  unnoticed. Combined with Galileo Universal Cells, the Galileo Element-  Silver Interconnects come surprisingly close to our flagship Galileo  System Interconnects. Galileo Element- Silver interconnects come  standard with one Galileo MPC power supply for Active Shielding- our  highest performance Active Shielding power supply. System compatibility  is further enhanced with three external Active Shielding Circuits  standard (Black, Grey, and Silver) so you can experiment with Active  Shielding Circuits to better match your system.                                

In the past when voicing Active Shielding we  built dozens of Active Shielding circuit variations to solder into  different Active Cable models listening for the option that would  compliment a wide variety of systems. Though these circuits are  out-side-the-signal-path (they provide resistance for the DC on the Active Shield which is not connected to either signal or ground) never  the less, these circuits have a significant impact on the overall sound  and character of Synergistic Research Active Shielded Cables. At the two  positive extremes (there are far more circuits with negative attributes  that never make the cut) one circuit may sound transparent and  thrilling with air and detail for days, while another circuit has a warm  transparent glow reminiscent of exceptional vacuum tube electronics,  and of course, there are hybrid Active Shielding circuits that embody  both extremes. In the past we listened for hybrid circuits that would  compliment as many components and systems as possible, and this meant  trade offs.

During the voicing process for Galileo System Cables  and Galileo Universal Cable Cells we came up with the idea of making the  circuits external to the Galileo Cells so we could quickly change  circuits without rebuilding cells every time we needed to experiment  with a new circuit.

Fast-forward to the new Galileo  Element- Silver- the first Synergistic Research Active Interconnects that allow you  to select the Active Shielding Circuit that best suits your system. You  select between three different circuits- Black (warm and rich), Grey  (hybrid of both Silver and Black circuits with positive attributes of  both- these are the circuits we would have selected were the circuits to  remain built into the cable) and a Silver Circuit (open, airy, detailed  and hugely holographic). By allowing users the option of switching  between Black, Grey, and Silver circuits, we take the compromise out of  Active Shielding Circuit selection.

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