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Stealth Audio's GS50-50 XLR (Pair)
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Stealth Audio's GS50-50 XLR (Pair)

Interconnects by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:
RCA version is pictured

The GS50-50 is one of the three equally advanced analog interconnect models of the New Generation cable family, and while it's not equal to our flagship interconnect, the Indra, GS-50-50 sound closer to the Indra than any other interconnect, and it works well together with the Indra.

GS50-50 cables are NOT a mix of gold and silver wires. Their signal path is made of a solid core, special alloy wire - which is manufactured to our special order using the "continuous cast" technology (sometimes referred to as "single crystal")

In October, 2004, the GS 50-50 received a complete overhaul and now the RCA version incorporates the superior termination technique developed for our flagship interconnect, the Indra: the RCAs connectors are now proprietary STEALTH (ultra-light Teflon/silver, cold-weld pressure fit onto the gold wire), the outer jacketing is now "gold-silver" (light gold) in color.


* proprietary solid core alloy wire (50% pure gold/ 50% pure silver);
* light silver-gold mesh jacket;
* built-in gradual strain relief;
* Three-dimensional TCTA multilayer multigauge matrix geometry;
* unique serial number for each pair;

The GS50-50 was designed specifically to offer sound "in between" gold and silver: to combine the sweetness of gold and the subjective "air" of silver - but without the typical silver "edge". As always with newly developed STEALTH cable models, 30 pairs of GS50-50 were made and offered for "beta testing" to people with extremely good systems (and ears, and analytic abilities); It appears that the difference in sound between gold, silver and GS50-50 is not only in the amount of subjective "air" - but also in the bass and midbass where the GS50-50 cables surpass both gold and silver. The sound has more subjective "body", it's "bigger", more "punchy" and has greater perceived dynamics - but keeps the same delicacy and detail the pure gold (original PGS series) cables are loved for.

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