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Sound Anchors's Floor Standing Speaker Base
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Sound Anchors's Floor Standing Speaker Base

Racks and Stands by Sound Anchors

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Manufacturer's Description:

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If you have floorstanding loudspeakers and would like to get very best performance out of them the  first thing that you will want to do is mount them on Sound Anchor Bases.  In addition to elevating your speakers slightly Sound Anchor Bases control the flow of energy  into your floor and control cabinet vibrations so that you can not hear them. This clears up all kinds of artifacts that are usually blamed on electronics.

By allowing only the air to be stimulated by your speakers a much more linear sound field is produced.  The highs are more pure , the mids are more clean, and the bass becomes more full and less  one note in nature.  The transient response of your system will be improved enormously.  Music will sound less attached to your speakers and more natural.

Sound Anchors makes three basic styles of bases for floorstanding speakers.  All of them are designed to be the best possible foundation for your speaker.  We have developed several different strategies for resonance control in our products over the years.  Our latest generation of floor standing bases incorporate all that we have learned.  We increase the footprint size for stability, we spike them at the floor to mass load and further stabilize the system, and we fill the bases with various proprietary materials  to absorb and control system energy.

So whatever floor standing loudspeaker you may have a Sound Anchor Base will dramatically improve your systems performance bottomed to top.

If we do not already make a base for your speaker we can custom-make one for it.

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