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Dynamique Audio's Firelight 2 USB
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Dynamique Audio's Firelight 2 USB

USB Cable by Dynamique Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Firelight 2 USB is our pure silver USB cable design. It features high purity 22 AWG pure silver data CONDUCTORS in a PTFE air-DIELECTRIC and super-purity, 22 AWG silver-plated OFC multistranded power/earth CONDUCTORS with FEP Teflon insulation. Physically isolated signal and power lines provide a significant reduction in electrical and mechanical noise, whilst extensive shielding technologies (copper & non-metallic braided shields, non-metallic spiral wrap shields and our resonance filter technology) work to further reduce electrical noise. Firelight 2 USB is ideal for high-resolution music formats, offering a vibrant sound, bristling with energy and detail.

Terminated as standard with gold-plated Type A to Type B connectors

CONDUCTOR TYPE :: Pure Silver (4N) & Silver-plated OFC (6N)
CONDUCTORS :: 2 x 22 AWG (Ag) solid cores (signal),
2 x 22 AWG (SPC) multistranded cores (power/gnd)
DIELECTRIC :: Air-spaced PTFE Teflon (signal)
Extruded FEP Teflon (power/gnd)
GEOMETRY :: Twisted data-pair
DAMPING/SHIELDS : 1 x resonance filter, copper shield,
non-metallic floating braided shield & spiral wrap
CONNECTORS : Type A & B, gold-plated contact pin

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Price: $365.00
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