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SoundSmith's Firefly Phono Preamplifier
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SoundSmith's Firefly Phono Preamplifier

Phono Amps by SoundSmith

Manufacturer's Description:

Firefly Moving Coil & Moving Magnet Phono Preamps
»> Newly Updated and Improved! <«

An upgrade in quality does not have to deplete your wallet.....
The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price - and the comments we get at each hi-fi show prove it. These preamps are what we use to demo our cartridges at all our shows even our high end cartridge designs -
Each hand - made preamp circuit is housed in a high quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response.

Our new MCP2 is a low cost way to enjoy your MC cartridge; it is designed with continuously variable loading (10 Ohms to 5K Ohms) to allow use with any MC cart and to tune the high end response for your listening preference.
Built-in high quality, fully shielded step up transformers assure noise free and ultra-low distortion to allow unfettered enjoyment from your treasured vinyl collection. The new MCP2 has been favorable demonstrated against preamps costing $3000 - $4000 with surprising results... and compliments to Soundsmith.


Model No.TypeInput Load*Gain*


(unweighted, from 0dBm (.775v)*

MMP4moving magnet47k 100pF34dB or 43dB ** -72 dB down high grade low noise components 
MMP3moving magnet47k 100pF34dB or 43dB ** -73 dB down ultra low noise, constructed with very high end audio grade components 
MCP2moving coil 10 Ohms to 5K Continuously Variable R; 330pF Capacitive load 62dB -75dB down fully shielded internal transformer step-ups for ultra low noise and lowest distortion; Ultra grade audio grade components used throughout  

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