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Symposium Acoustics's Fat Padz
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Symposium Acoustics's Fat Padz

Feet by Symposium Acoustics

Manufacturer's Description:

Fat Padz are stand-alone, vibration-absorbing devices which provide effective, "problem-free" resonance control and vibration damping with active and passive components. Compared to conventional cone-type isolation devices, Fat Padz are more tonally neutral, and more effective at reducing distortion, since they have the ability to dissipate energy as well as reduce the amount of new energy that can be introduced into the component from its support surface. They are more convenient and somewhat safer to use than cones, since they are physically more stable and cannot topple over.

The Fat Pad is a mini Symposium platform- only 2" by 3" (5 x 7.6 cm), and 7/8" thick (2.2 cm) with tops and bottoms that are layers of precision laser-cut, polished stainless steel. Their interior consists of 3 constrained layers, including a 3/4" (1.9 cm) thick foam center section, the same used with our Super Plus Platform. A Fat Pad can be considered an "expanded" Point Pod, since it is identical save for its thicker foam center.

Application and Function
Fat Padz are convenient in situations where a full platform isn't practical. Their 7/8" (2.2 cm) height is enough to bypass most existing equipment feet, and should be used to directly support the metal chassis of active components. By coupling directly to the equipment chassis, Fat Padz damp excess mechanical energy from the component's structure, dissipating it as heat. By providing a non-resonant, noncompliant mechanical ground connection which simultaneously dissipates energy as heat (an important distinction to make over ordinary footer devices), Fat Padz reduce background noise induced in the electrical pathways of electronic and electro-acoustical devices.

Fat Padz also provide isolation from vibration originating in the support surface, such as a floor or rack shelf. They are very effective with loudspeakers, and can improve overall loudspeaker distortion levels by reducing intermodulation distortion caused by the reflection of mechanical energy to the drivers from the speaker cabinet.

Placement and Set Up
Place Fat Padz as you would other "footer" devices. We recommend three, placed under the component so that the stainless steel top contacts the underside of the chassis, bypassing the rubber feet. If you're treating a small component, two may be sufficient. If possible, "butt" the edges of the top plate against any protruding screws, bolts, etc., as this will improve results.

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