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Furutech's FVS-71 S Video
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Furutech's FVS-71 S Video

Video: S Video by Furutech

Manufacturer's Descriptions:

Silver-coated conductor
To embrace the broadband era, silver-coat conductors are used in all kinds of cables for component connections. Its superior transmission qualities realize the perfect reproduction of high quality video.

* High Speed Transmission
The Insulation material is one of the most significant factors in ensuring superior transmission speed in cables. By using foamed Teflon as the insulation material, Furutech Digital / Visual Coaxial cables have the extremely high transmission speeds and wave slant is suppressed, thus reproducing the highest quality audio and video.
* Pure Clean Transmission
S-Video/ D-Terminal Cable use a double shield structure, which totally isolates any external noise and realizes the ultimate state of “pure clean transmission”.
* High rigidity non-magnetic connectors fabricated from CNC processing with high quality of copper alloy with nonmagnetic gold-plated surfaces. All connectors are manufactured to achieve the most firm, tight connections available, which in turn reduces noise due to vibration. In addition, transmission losses are completely prevented with the use of Teflon, which is the insulation material with the best electrical properties. (S-VIDEO/COAXIAL CABLE)

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