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Furutech's FT-809  Binding Post Short for Amp (Set of 2)
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Furutech's FT-809 Binding Post Short for Amp (Set of 2)

Binding Post by Furutech

Manufacturer's Description:

Furutech Torque Guard Binding Posts Model FT-809 The Weakest Link The speaker binding often proves the weakest link in the quest for tight, low-distortion signal. Change your cables a few times and speaker binding posts can quickly loosen up. It’s bad enough in modestly-priced speakers where the simple remedy is to unscrew the back plate and tighten the nut behind the post. But with expensive, stand-mounted monitors or larger, more costly speaker systems why take the risk? The Torque Guard binding posts include a ratcheting mechanism so they can’t be over tightened for a tight, noise-free and undistorted signal path. Furutech’s Torque Guard Binding Posts are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials. The FT-809 features a (Alpha) pure copper conductor for minimal impedance, and features a nonresonant polycarbonate housing with eutectic copper alloy ring. The unique patent-pending Torque Guard technology prevents over-tightening, allowing each post to be evenly set up for best channel balance and signal transfer.

Technical Data

• Patent-pending Torque Guard construction
• Main conductor: a (Alpha) Pure Copper conductor Rhodium or 24k Gold plated
• Housing: Polycarbonate
• Nylon (red/white) and Polycarbonate (clear) insulation
• Connections: Soldered or Crimp termination
• Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm

Dimensions: Housing unit: 25.0? x 30. mm (L) x 38.9mm overall height
Insulation: Polycarbonate (Clear) 19.3? x 7.3mm(H),
Total overall length: 79.0 mm approx.


Pricing Information

Price: $158.00
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