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Walker Audio's Extreme SST Super Silver Treatment
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Walker Audio's Extreme SST Super Silver Treatment

Cleaners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

SST and  E-SST
Super Silver Treatment & Extreme Super Silver Treatment

Improves the transmission of fine audio and video signalsallowing information to pass undistorted across electrical connections...Like a major equipment upgrade in a jar.

We start with ultra-pure silver that is specially processed and made into long micro-flakes. The silver flake is suspended in an organic fluid chosen for its dielectric and temperature characteristics and excellent sound.   

We believe SST and E-SST are vastly superior compared to any contact treatment on the market today.Unlike most contact treatments that merely clean or lubricate a connection, E-SST and SST are highly conductive and must be applied with care according to the directions.


E-SST and SST will dramatically improve the sound and/or video of any system. The highs will be more extended, cleaner, clearer and better focused. The mid-range will be more transparent with more articulation and detail, yet without harshness or glare. The bass will be stronger, tighter, and quicker. The soundstage will take on a more natural presence. With video systems, the sound improvement will be matched by the improvements to the video. Look for a cleaner, more three-dimensional picture with richer color.

Use E-SST and SST to treat: power cords, speaker cables, interconnects, tubes, video connectors, fuses and more. Apply E-SST or SST to every connection in your audio and video systems for a huge improvement.

What is the difference between SST and E-SST?

E-SST contains a more expensive silver flake that is thinner and longer. E-SST receives a deep immersion cryogenic treatment. Yes, it is better!

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Price: $185.00
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