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Express 6 (Pair)
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Express 6 (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

*  Proprietary speaker cable designs optimized for ETI Bayonet Plug™ banana connectors.
*Factory terminated with either tellurium copper or, in the case of the eXpress 6, either tellurium copper or silver Bayonet Plugs™.
* eXpress 6 and eXpress 4 also available with gold flashed copper spades.
* Use of patented Eichmann Ratio™ in which the return conductors are larger in diameter than the signal conductors. This results in improved electron flow and better sound.
* High purity oxygen free copper (OFC) solid core conductors configured in a true Litz arrangement (eXpress 6 and eXpress 4).
* Six conductors in the eXpress 6, four in the eXpress 4, all very precisely aligned and held rigidly in place. This provides an important measure of EMF control.
* Custom lengths of eXpress 6 and eXpress 4, with either ETI Bayonet Plugs™ or spades, available by special order.
* Designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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