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Essential Sound Products's Essence Reference II Power Cord
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Essential Sound Products's Essence Reference II Power Cord

Power Cables by Essential Sound Products

Manufacturer's Description:

Improving The Best Power Cable Design

The power cord that changed everything when the original version was introduced to High End Audio enthusiasts in 1995 - now elevated to "Reference-II" status. Our statement product, incorporating the best engineering, materials and manufacturing processes without regard to cost. Over the years we have continued to build upon The Essence's strengths, extending and enhancing it's performance. With optimized geometry, higher-purity copper conductors, cryogenic treatment to -300oFarenheit, and new Furutech plug and connector with proprietery termination process, The Essence Reference-II power cord reaffirms it status as "the best of the best".

Uncanny Spatial & Dynamic Realism!

The essence of music is emotion! Live music conveys an energy, an excitement that stirs the soul. With The Essence Reference-II connected to your high end system, your audiophile recordings will re-connect you to the emotional spirit of the original performance. The Essence has earned a reputation for transient speed and explosive dynamics including extended yet articulate "supremely satisfying" bass.

Tonal Neutrality & Application Versatility

Tonally, the Reference has been described as delivering real "fulsome" neutrality, not the sterile analytical sound that so often characterizes lesser cables. So benign and hard to identify is the tonal character of the Reference as to be compared to the taste of water, which of course is tasteless.

Makes "Digital" Sound More "Analog"

Since the introduction of the CD, audiophiles have strived to get their digital source material to have the same fluidity and ease as their analog records. Reviewing The Essence Reference, Myles Astor (The Inner Ear) commented "it produced the most analog and realistic sound I've yet to hear from digital...there was more ambience on the best CD's than I ever believed possible...strings were less metallic and strident."

Expansive Soundstage Imaging

With the Reference, the soundstage dimensions will be limitled only by the recording material. Large scale performances such as a symphony will have expansive depth, width and height. You will be able to pick out individual instruments from the whole. When the performance is intimate like a jazz trio, the image and instruments within the soundstage will have appropriate size.

Resolution & Quiet Grainless Backgrounds

In addition to the Reference's tonal balance, the latest version excels in providing more resolution. With the The Essence Reference-II power cord, your system's noise floor will disappear into oblivion. Cryogenic processing renders the Reference-II absolutely grainless. Close your eyes and it's not hard to imagine yourself at the original recording venue!

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