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VooDoo Cable's Essence XLR (Pair)
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VooDoo Cable's Essence XLR (Pair)

Interconnects by VooDoo Cable

Manufacturer's Description:  
RCA version is pictured.

Essence Interconnect Cable

Essence Interconnect derives its sonic signature from the Velocity Interconnect design, with full-bandwidth transparence, high-harmonic resolution and balanced dynamic response throughout the audible range. The cryogenically treated high-purity single crystal copper conductors are precision-wound in a Teflon® dielectric. 100% shielding provides protection against EMI/RFI signal interference. The Essence Interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated Cardas RCA Rhodium over silver-plated connectors. The Essence Interconnect is designed for high-end audio and multi-channel systems, where digital signal processing has expanded the bandwidth of the analog output signal.

Available in stereo pairs, single cable for subwoofers, or 5 and 6 wire sets for home theater systems.

Single Crystal Copper Conductors

Accurate Dynamic Control

Articulated Soundstage 

Cryogenically Treated

100% Shielded

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $250.00
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