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Echobusters is in a manufacturing hiatus while their business is being restructured. We have no ability to order these products at this time. A good performance and price alternative is offered by RoomTune.

Of special interest is likely to be the new wall-hanging and floor-standing RoomTuneART product - very nice!

Manufacturer's Description:

The most common bad acoustical environment is a bright reflective room. We're not just talking about a sun-drenched, tile-floored bare-walled room, although these are exactly the kind of rooms which are bad acoustical spaces. The sound bounces back and forth, mercilessly ricocheting off the walls, windows, floors and ceilings, dying out about three seconds after the sound was issued. Echo Busters are specifically designed to absorb the echoes, reverberations and distortions which smear the soundstage your speakers are trying to recreate. In reducing reflected sound, a quieter and more revealing listening environment will be created. Music may be played louder without discomfort, and it helps keep sound in your room where it belongs, not bouncing around the whole house. With proper treatment, you can still have your sun-drenched room and be drenched in sound as well!

Option to convert wall panels to FREE-STANDING panels

Standard Colors are:
Quartz, White, Med. Grey, Grey Mix and Black.
All Other colors are optional colors. These optional colors may have a slight additional charge and may increase the delivery time somewhat.

Please Note:

Echobusters now can print photographic images onto the fabric of any of their acoustic panels. The upcharge for "Acoustic Art" is 15% over the price of any of their panels, and photos can be chosen from their stock images , or a digital image can be provided by the purchaser. Please contact us for more information.

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