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SoundSmith's EZ-Mount Screws
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SoundSmith's EZ-Mount Screws

Analog Accessories by SoundSmith

Manufacturer's Description:


» EZ-Mount screws from Soundsmith

» NO TOOLS to secure a cartridge

» EZ-Tweaking

» Now it only takes TWO HANDS to install a phono cartridge

» Lowers the risk of dropped cartridges & snapped cantilevers

Kit comes with: [weight in grams (x2 screws)]

» 2 Nylon screws [0.52g (1.04g)]

» 2 Aluminum screws [1.03g (2.06g)]

» 2 Stainless screws [2.90g (5.80g)]

» 2 Brass screws [3.12g (6.24g)]

» all 8 thumb screws are 10mm length with two non-magnetic SS nuts, and four captive nylon washers

» 10mm thumb screws easily shortened: install provided nut, cut to length & removing nut repairs damaged threads!

Pricing Information

Price: $40.00
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