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Electro-Harmonix's EL34 EH- Platinum Matched (Single)
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Electro-Harmonix's EL34 EH- Platinum Matched (Single)

Tubes by Electro-Harmonix

Manufacturer's Description:

The Electro-Harmonix EL34EH is extremely musical and predictable with a sound that is rich, smooth, and detailed without being edgy.  It is the perfect EL34 for vintage equipment and a sure way to improve the performance of modern equipment.
According to the technical journal, Vacuum Tube Valley, "The Electro-Harmonix EL34EH is balanced throughout the entire music spectrum.  Bass goes deep and is tight, mids are sweet and well defined, and highs are detailed and extended."
Electro-Harmonix EL34EH's are available in platinum matched sets. Our platinum matching process consists of a 24 hour tube burn-in period followed by a bias (plate) current measurement in milliamps. Please specify matched tube grouping (ie. pair, quad, sextet, etc.) when ordering (no odd-quantity groups, please).

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