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EL34 (Single)
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EL34 (Single)

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The choice of vacuum tubes in a tube circuit can make all the difference sonically.  We have long experience in “tube rolling”, and access to the finest sounding new and new-old-stock (“NOS”) tubes available.  On this website we list only the most popular, mostly new production, vacuum tubes, and also special finds like the amazing 6H23N-EB Russian military tube, which is a drop in replacement for 6DJ8/ 6922/ 7308 types.  Please let us know about your actual tube components for a consultation on these listings or NOS tubes.

The SED EL34 / 6CA7 is a power pentode intended for ultra linear audio frequency power amplification service in either pentode or triode connection and single or push-pull/parallel tube applications. The SED EL34 plate is made from a laminated material that improves heat transfer and has superior performance under overload conditions (often seen with guitar amplifiers).

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