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JPS Labs's Duplex Wall Outlet
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JPS Labs's Duplex Wall Outlet

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by JPS Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

JPS provides high quality duplex receptacles for the finest connection to your high quality AC cords! Hospital grade, ground isolating with high-tension polished nickel plated contacts for long term minimal power loss and resistance. These very high quality outlets simply allow for an excellent connection at the wall with a tight grip on your wall plugs. Rated at up to 20 amps, they offer an excellent long-term interface for your AC cords. Available in white (shown), gray, and red colors. These outlets will also accept our Power AC In-wall cable above, and provide 4 pairs of rear pockets each with a screw tightened clamping mechanism for the best possible connection to your wiring.

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Price: $100.00
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