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Aural Symphonics's Digital Standard AES/EBU
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Aural Symphonics's Digital Standard AES/EBU

Digital Cables by Aural Symphonics

Manufacturer's Description:

This design is capable of a high degree of information retrieval from source components and this is paramount to maintaining signal integrity and transferring it intact to the next electronic component. Signal degradation occurring at the first component or source (compact disc transport, DVD transport, digital output device) can never be reconstructed or made up for later in the chain. Digital cables that offer a soft, laid-back or overly lush presentation are in actuality losing information by rounding off the leading edges of digital pulses. This loss is then compounded as signal flows from electronics component to component chain. Our Digital Standard cable will faithfully transfer digital data without compromise inherent in many current competing designs.

An all copper conductor is surrounded by the insulating material (dielectric) Teflon AF. An outer double cross hatch shield surrounds the Teflon AF dielectric providing immunity from EMI, RFI and, static electricity. Teflon AF has such inherently low dielectric contamination, it is actually clear to see through and is by far one of the best performing and fastest dielectric materials in 2003.

Digital Standard is a world class digital cable with an exceptional dielectric constant, an extremely fast velocity of propagation (VP), all of this translates in to an exceedingly fast digital pulse response measurement.

Digital Standard does not compromise digital performance it does however surprise with a compromise on price.

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