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Harmonic Technology's Digital Platinum AES/EBU
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Harmonic Technology's Digital Platinum AES/EBU

Digital Cables by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

(RCA Version Pictured)

Harmonic Technology's Digital Platinum, terminated in either single-ended RCA or balanced XLR, is the finest digital cable ever designed. Through heroic engineering efforts in both materials and build quality, the Digital Platinum ensures professional quality and reliability for even the most sophisticated reviewers.

Through the utilization of laboratory-grade pure Single Crystal silver that has been refined to 7N (99.99997%), the Digital Platinum cable was designed for use with critical digital applications where performance cannot be sacrificed. Our proprietary Twin-Shield noise reduction design uses two separate shields that operate at differential ground potentials to create the smoothest possible operation. A silver-plated copper braided shield, combined with an aluminum/Mylar foil, ensures the highest signal-to-noise ratio to protect the delicate digital data bit stream.

Harmonic Technology's Digital Platinum digital cable offers the widest bandwidth and frequency range of any digital cable on the market. It allows your digital playback system to sound as good as an original master tape. Dynamic range and background quieting are stunning, finally letting you hear the quality of your transport and DAC for the first time. In addition, the reduction of distortion and glare is amazing, enabling your digital playback system to sound as smooth as the best analog sources. This is a must for professional applications where reference-grade quality is necessary.


Technical Data


RCA Terminations

XLR Terminations

Capacitance per foot

22 pF

21 pF

Inductance per foot

0.50 uH

0.42 uH

Resistance per foot

0.014 Ohm

0.013 Ohm



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