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Audiotop's Digital
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Audiotop's Digital

Cleaners by Audiotop

Manufacturer's Description:

Product Features:

• Cleaning with Audiotop Digital, the laser scanning is optimised, substantially improving the resolution and the dynamics of the Audio and Video signals.

Now you can see and hear what really is in your software!
Product Specifications:

Formula: Highly purified (99,999%) non specified substance.

Instructions: Spray the surface plentifully and clean immediately from the inside outward (star shaped) with a paper tissue. Cleaning twice results in an audibly improved result! The diffusion of the laser light at the CD surface is avoided when cleaning with Digital. This results in optimized laser scanning.

This also applies to cleaning of the laser optics, but we ask you to first consult your dealer. We take no responsibility for any damage to the laser optics caused by inappropriate handling.

Characteristics: Highest purity guarantees an analytically pure surface! The system is now in a position to retrieve more genuine information from the storage medium whereby substantially reducing the amount of needed error correction. This gives the central computer chip more computational power available for the true information signal. The result is more joy of music, resolution of all frequencies, a spatially stable image and focus of the music signal. For DVD lovers we may add that the image presentation is also clearly improved.

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Price: $99.00
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