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Shunyata Research's Dark Field Cable Elevators V2
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Shunyata Research's Dark Field Cable Elevators V2

Cable Lifts by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

In 2009 Shunyata Research's original Dark Field Cable Elevators earned multiple media awards and endorsements for their performance benefits when placed under virtually any type of cable system.

Shunyata has taken the original Dark Field concept and dramatically improved its material implementation in the form of the DFE v2! The Dark Field Elevator v2 are made from a static resistant, electrically conductive carbon impregnated polymer compound. Their trapezoidal design makes them very stable on carpets or hardwood floors. The exclusive narrow V ensures that there is minimal vibrational transmission from the floor to the cable. Each DFE rests upon four small points, one placed on each of its four corners. These small points can be pressed down to anchor in carpet or can rest on hard surface floors, supporting the body of the DFE above the floor. The new DFE v2 units are also very durable and will stand up to many years of hard use.

Most importantly, the performance of the new DFE v2 has been extensively tested, compared and proven to outperform the original DFE's by a substantial margin. Only two aspects of the design have not changed; the original patent-pended concept and the reasonable retail price!

So, you get the new and improved model at the same price as the outgoing version!

Conventional cable isolation theory holds that optimal cable performance can be achieved by elevating cables from the floor in an attempt to control vibrations and manage static fields. Typical cable elevators are made from electrically insulating materials such as wood, glass, plastic or ceramics. Most of these products claim superior performance based upon the materials or methods of elevation.

The central problem with the conventional model is that elevating a cable from the floor with an electrical insulator creates a relative static charge differential between the cable and floor. Over a period of time this static differential can become enormous -- sometimes exceeding tens of thousands of volts. When an electrical signal is sent through the cable, the signal can become distorted or inter-modulated by the static electrical field differential between the cable and floor. This effect is similar to sending an electrical signal through a wire that passes through a powerful magnetic field. The distortion that results is quite audible with any quality entertainment system.

The Shunyata Research Dark Field Cable Elevator is based upon a patent-pending static-field-unification principle. The elevator is constructed from a static resistant and electrically conductive carbon impregnated polymer compound.

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