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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's Damping Plate (4.5" x 5.5")
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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's Damping Plate (4.5" x 5.5")

Misc. Accessories by HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems

Manufacturer's Description:

The HRS Damping Plate significantly reduces the negative impact of air-borne vibration and residual structural-borne vibration on your audio or video component performance.

The HRS Damping Plate should be placed directly on top of an electronic component chassis with the soft side (a custom formulated elastomer) of the damping plate in contact with the electronic component chassis surface. The greater the surface area covered by the damping plates, the greater the improvement in audio/video performance.

HRS Damping Plates are produced in various sizes to allow you to create the optimum configuration for your component(s). All visible surfaces are made from a precision machined billet aircraft aluminum with a black anodize finish.

The HRS Damping Plate is also effective at damping structures and speaker cabinets to reduce structural resonance.

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