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Harmonic Technology's DVD AC Adapter
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Harmonic Technology's DVD AC Adapter

Adapters by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

Harmonic Technology's DVD AC Adapter allows you to use our high quality Pro AC-11 with ANY electronic component that uses a simple, inexpensive molded two-prong plug in cord. This is a high-quality molded adaptor that utilizes our world famous Single Crystal Copper in a user-upgradeable adapter. One end is a very high-quality molded two-prong plug for interfacing with your electronics, the other is a male IEC socket. Switching from the supplied $3.00 cord that comes with most of today's DVD players to a high quality power cable like our Pro AC-11 will let you release the most from any DVD player, or other electronic component using such a inexpensive cord.

Users notice brighter, more vibrant colors, better saturation, increased resolution, better depth-of-field, greater dimensionality, darker blacks and whiter whites on video signals. Audio performance is also significantly increased, with more accurate timbre, deeper and wider soundstaging, sharper focus of images, much better low bass performance and more airy, delicate high frequencies.

Please note: In order to properly maintain polarity, the Harmonic Technology logo must be facing up on the DVD AC Adapter. If you are using it with a polarized C7 power cord and do not see the Harmonic Technology logo, you have installed it improperly.

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