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DC-800 Digital
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DC-800 Digital

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Manufacturer's Description:

The NuForce Precision 75-Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable in BNC or RCA terminations offers state-of-the-art design for wide-band, low-distortion digital transmission. The Coax Cable employs the same construction features as precision network-analyzer test cables. The design includes a silver-plated copper core and silver-plated copper shield for vanishingly low loss, especially at UHF and low-microwave frequencies. The solid Teflon dielectric’s stability likewise contributes to a constant, low-loss signal at all transmission rates. The solid dielectric’s advantages are twofold: it eliminates bending’s ill effects and is relative insensitivity to vibration and acoustical-mechanical noise. Meticulous construction throughout maintains impedance to within 2% while keeping signal-related jitter to a bare minimum. (BNC-to-RCA adapters are available to interface with the RCA connectors of older equipment.)


    •    18AWG Ag-plated OFC-Cu center conductor and braid (95% cov), PTFE (Teflon) dielectrics, Gold 75-Ohm BNC or RCA

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